Make this Easter Egg-cellent!

It’s here. The chocolate-filled perfection that is the long Easter weekend!

As happy as we would be sat on the sofa (or out in the garden if we’re lucky!) tucking into an Easter egg or six – why do they always taste better than normal chocolate? – it’s definitely healthier and more fun to get out and about this weekend, and burn off a few of those delicious extra calories we will all be indulging in!

We’ve searched the internet and pulled together all of our favourite things to do at Easter, and made you guys a list of some great Easter options for if you get stuck for ideas! Hopefully we’ve found something for everyone and every weather.

  1. Get hunting! You’ve just got to have an Easter egg hunt at Easter! Whether you orchestrate your own hunt or join in on one which is open to the public like the collaboration Cadbury’s has made with The National Trust this year. Check out their website to find which hunt is closest to you (plus, they’ve got some great downloadable Easter egg hunt packs and activities for the kids).
    For even more options have a look at these amazing printable clues! There are different clues to suit an inside or outside hunt, plus some blank clues for you to fill in yourself if you’re feeling creative – perfect! Don’t forget, just because you’re having an egg hunt it doesn’t mean that it has to be completely chocolate orientated, you can just leave the clues leading to a different prize of your choosing, or incorporate some small activities into each clue, get the kids doing a few star jumps or skips with a skipping rope before moving on to the next clue, the more imaginative the better.
  2. Get in the kitchen! There are so many delicious recipes that are perfect for the Easter bank holiday weekend, particularly if you need a little break from chocolate. Not to mention that kids love to have quality time in the kitchen making something yummy and – inevitably – making a bit of a mess in the process. You can barely type ‘Easter cooking’ into a search engine before thousands of great ideas come up. We’ve picked just four of our favourites (it was an enjoyable search but a tough choice). If you’re trying to steer the family away from the constant chocolate binge and towards something a little healthier we love these cute breakfast popsicles. Alternatively, if you’ve got a sweet tooth anything like our office then any kind of Easter themed cakes and bakes is more than welcome – and how cute are these little chick macaroons and lamb cupcakes?!

    Finally, what is Easter without a delicious hot cross bun? Again, there are hundreds of recipes on the internet, with variations into the wonderful realms of chocolaty, cheesy and fruity flavours; however who can resist the classics? This recipe just looks divine!IMG_1467

  3. Get outside! We have spoken about this one before in our previous post, but, we can’t say it enough. Getting outside is great. If the health benefits and fun of the great outdoors aren’t enough to sway you, how about the great Instagram shots you can get?! Kidding…kind of. Whether you decide to take the family out on a bike ride, take a long walk in the countryside (try this great scavenger hunt to keep the kids busy!) or just visit a park with your favourite book and let the kids loose to amuse themselves, we promise you’ll have fun.color-scavenger-hunt-2
  4. Get creative! Rule of thumb, any opportunity to make a bit of a mess is considered a win in the mind of a child. Combine that possibility with bright colours and you’ve got a very happy child at a craft table. Encourage their creative streak this Easter, get yours paints/felt tips/coloured paper and other bits and bobs out and give one of these fab Easter crafts a go!
    easterchick   amp_-7252   carrot-fingerprint-easter-craft-for-kids
    If you’ve managed to snag yourself a kid free day, why not try a slightly more grown up bit of Easter crafting and make your own Easter egg candles. This DIY how-to takes a little bit of prep but the results are stunning and totally worth it in our opinion! The end results is perfect for setting the table for lunch on Easter Sunday but still equally lovely to have around your home after Easter is done with!
  5. Get some rest! It’s all well and good to have a jam packed weekend and completely make the most of your time off with your family. However, it’s not quite so great when normality comes around on Tuesday morning and you’re still completely burnt out and don’t feel as though you’ve had any time off. Don’t forget to take a bit of time out this weekend to sit down and enjoy whatever it is that relaxes you: a book, favourite TV show (Dr Who is baaaack!), computer game or stick on a DVD for the whole family to enjoy and unwind with.If the children just can’t seem to leave you alone long enough for you to even consider sitting down how about printing off a handful of games, word searches and colouring in sheets and making them their own little Easter booklets to keep them entertained while you get some much needed alone time too! There’s no shame in printing one off for yourself too, you’re never too old for colouring in! Check out our Easter Activities Pinterest board for a few great print outs and other Easter activity ideas!

More importantly than all of these suggestions, have fun!

Have a fabulous long weekend, and let us know what you get up to!




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