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Moodboard – Nursery inspiration

We know that decorating your child's bedroom can be stressful and also very time consuming, so we've put together two moodboards of our biggest trending themes to help you! Rainbow Don't be scared to add some colour into your nursery, your child will love it! Start easy and add a fun bedding set like our… Continue reading Moodboard – Nursery inspiration

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Wooden toys were popular before the 1960s, but they have been long-forgotten since they were replaced with plastic. In the next decade, we will be seeing more and more wooden toy products, and here are 3 reasons why!

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Trending children’s rooms and nurseries for 2020

It's now 2020, which means its a great time to give your child's bedroom a makeover. The new year is a great time for a fresh start, so why not reflect this in your home. It might be that your little one is growing out of their old room and they now need something more suitable for their age group. A redecorated bedroom will encourage your child to start taking responsibility for their possessions because they are more likely to take pride in a freshly decorated bedroom!


Awesome storage ideas for children’s rooms!

As Christmas approaches, we all want our homes to look the best they do all year. Even if your guests won't be seeing your child's nursery/bedroom, you may just want to make room for all the new toys that they'll be receiving from relatives and family friends. It may be scary and overwhelming at first… Continue reading Awesome storage ideas for children’s rooms!