Outdoor Adventures

Hello mums and dads,

Hope you’re having a productive week. With Spring around the corner and sunny days ahead of us, we wanted to share with you our amazing range of outdoor bikes, scooter, skateboards and other fun things to keep your child entertained. We all know how kids have got into a habit of staying indoors busy on their ipads or watching their favourite TV shows Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig, but it’s always important to encourage them to go on adventures outside and stay active.

Don’t forget, it’s not only about your Childs development and health but also just as important for you parents! Here are 5 benefits as to why you should go out with your kids!

  1. Improve your fitness
  2. Boost your positive mental attitude, and your toddler’s – cycling can help to relieve stress
  3. Interaction improves your bond with your toddler
  4. Travel around town for free
  5. Introduce a healthy activity to your children while they are young. Read more here.

Whether your child has never ridden before, or they’re already faster than you on two wheels, we’ve got everything you need to suit their skill level. Explore our range of bikes, trikes and scooters, as well as skateboards and safety equipment and find the perfect fit for your kid.We’ve got designs available for boys and girls!

We hope you have an adventurous weekend!






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