Fancy a Dip?

Hey guys,

How are the Summer holidays treating you all? Well, we hope!
We’re sure you’re already trying to make the most of your holidays, better weather and the time you’ve got to spend with your kids, a couple of weeks ago we wrote about different ways to get your kids excited to be outside and away from their screens (read about that here), and now we’re here to encourage you to take the plunge and ensure you get every ounce of fun you can out of the weeks you’ve got left.

One of our favourite things to do in Summer is to hit the beach and head to a local swimming pool – heaven! An absolute must have for both beach and pool is a towel – duh! Luckily, PriceRightHome have got loads of different character and design towels on our website, click here to have a look.



What makes our towel range even better is that we have hooded poncho towels which are perfect for a day at the beach, as they can even be used to get changed under when in a public place and will keep your child warm and dry after a swim.


And after a fantastic day splashing around, stop your little one’s “time to go home” tantrum by getting them excited to be packing up. Get them their own backpack to roll up their towel, and pop their favourite teddy in to carry them home safe and sound.


Can’t make it to the beach or local pool? How about making your own in your back garden? We’ve got some great inflatable paddling pools for that (bonus – they can be used as ball pits inside if the weather is less than ideal!)

Whatever you end up doing this Summer, make sure you have tonnes of fun with your kids. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of our products!




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