Holiday Ready

Hello mums and dads,

Hope you’ve all cooled down after the heatwave! Here at PriceRightHome we have a whole new range of holiday goodies perfect for kids ready to go on their first trip away. Now that it is finally getting warmer, I’m sure you mums and dads are planning a getaway with the kids, especially with the summer holidays coming up. 6 Weeks with the kids, you’re bound to want to get away, and you deserve it!

Backpacks and Luggage Sets

Is it just me or are children becoming more fussy or just growing up too quick? They don’t like sharing and want their own things. A prime example of this is wanting their own luggage set for holidays! Well, why not make packing easier and look at our adorable luggage sets including trolley bags, backpacks, swim bags and more!

Cotton Beach Towels and Ponchos

Are you planning to go on a sun, sea and sand holiday? Then you’ve made it to the right place because we have an incredible range of kids cotton beach towels and hooded ponchos! These designs include Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Marvel, Pokémon and more.

Ready Beds

Are your kids going on a camping trip, or simply camping in the back garden? Why not look at our range of all-in-one sleepover solution Ready Beds? These air-filled mattresses come with a plush pillow section so your child will sleep comfortably! A foot pump is also included as well as an integral travel bag so this portable Ready Bed can be carried around with you wherever you go.

Click here to head over to our website and view our fantastic range of holiday goodies!






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