But first, Unicorns

Have unicorns completely taken over your social media feeds as much as they have ours? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all jam-packed with all things unicorn:  memes, how-to’s, clothing and not to mention various edible inventions – from the beautiful and appetising, to the luminous and sugar-rush inducing.

Here at PriceRightHome we’re no different, we love the mythical unicorn trend and all the oh-so-pretty inspiration that has come along with it! And clearly you guys like where we’ve taken the trend too, seeing as ‘unicorn’ regularly frequents our best seller lists (this month is by no means the first time). Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the unicorn products we have on offer!

First up we have a selection of duvet covers, a great way to incorporate your love of unicorns into your bedroom! Literally wrap you and your dreams in their magic, there are a few different styles to suit your bedroom.

We even have a unicorn duvet cover which has matching curtains available too, which is exclusive to PriceRightHome!

If duvet and curtains weren’t enough we’ve also got on offer some super-cute unicorn cushions, what do you think?


Now, if you have a true unicorn fanatic in your home, we’ve also got some stunning unicorn wallpapers which feature non-transferable glitter highlights for an extra bit of magic – perfect for giving any room an enchanting fairytale theme!

Browse all our unicorn themed items here.

Maybe unicorns aren’t quite your thing? Fear not! We’ve got thousands of other great items over on our website, not to mention we’re running a 10% off promotion on all of our wallpapers!


Have any of our magical unicorn items peaked  your interest, do you know a certain unicorn lover who would be over the moon with any one of our stunning items? Well we’re currently running a fantastic giveaway on Facebook & Instagram, giving you the opportunity to WIN £100 to spend on our website! Head on over to our Facebook for all the details and good luck!!!Price_Right_Home_Comp_May17

Leave a comment letting us know the best and worst unicorn themed creation you’ve seen so far!

Have a great weekend!




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