Is it time for a spring clean?

Hey guys!

How has your week been? Has it been dragging a little bit ‘cause you’re excited for the weekend, or has it whizzed by too quickly for you to sort your plans out properly?

Well, in this week’s post we’re going to share with you some great inspiration to help you de-clutter your home. Maybe you’re planning on clearing out a room so you can decorate, or maybe you’re newly spic-and-span home is now begging you for a further little treat? Either way, we’ve also got some stunning new wallpapers which came in this week for you to beautify your homes with, plus we’ve got a great promotion on our wallpaper over at!

But anyway, let’s get this started!

Pretty much everybody now is a sucker for something pretty that looks as though it is going to make our lives a little easier, and searching the internet for a starting point when it comes to Spring cleaning was no different. We absolutely love the look of this simple graphic which almost makes cleaning look fun!  7435da571309fe4eee23b4d4efc58683

Not only is it brightly coloured and cute (yes, I’m a sucker too!), but it’s so easy to print off and use as a checklist of what you’ve done in each room – easy peasy! However, the first thing that caught my eye when looking at the room by room breakdown was the dreaded ‘Declutter your wardrobe’ suggestion. Yes, it is a great thing to go, and yes, you can reclaim tonnes of space in your bedroom this way but man is it tough. If you’re in the right mindset and prepared to be ruthless this (brutal) flow chart is a handy little guideline to stick to:how-to-declutter-the-closet

That hurt just thinking about starting that colossal job this weekend! So let’s hurry along to the fun stuff, imagining a beautiful newly decorated room! We’ve had so many new and wonderful wallpapers in recently that we’re only going to show you a handful, head on over to our website to have a full browse of what we have on offer and to take full advantage of our 10% off on all wallpapers! First up, is this striking stripe wallpaper, it comes in seven different colour ways a few of which even incorporate beautiful, but subtle, mica sheen.


If the stripes are a little too bold for you, what do you think of our stunning Astoria Decor wallpaper? This one comes in four different colour combinations and features both the mica sheen and glitter elements to the paper – so pretty!


For something a bit more classic, but still gorgeous, we got in x 9 new floral wallpapers – perfect for creating a feature wall in a room, but equally great for decorating the entire room.


Loving the flowers but want something slightly more alternative? How about these super stunning Sugar Skulls wallpapers? The skull outlining is done with metallic highlights set amongst the pretty photographic style floral details it is just lovely!


If you’re looking for something even quirkier, something to strike up a conversation about, then our Flamingo wallpaper is the one for you! This wallpaper again features a subtle mica sheen and is so beautiful. Plus, if you did choose to create a feature wall in your room with this wallpaper you can join in on the #beakoftheweek tag on Instagram!


If that doesn’t inspire you, check out our website for more ideas. Alternatively, if a Spring clean sounds like the last thing you want to be thinking about this weekend…Guardians of the Galaxy is out in cinemas now and it looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Whatever you get up to, make sure you have a fabulous time! Let us know what you get up to & don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram shots if you decide to revamp a room in your house!





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