Can I have a sleepover mum?

TGIF – we’ve been waiting all week for today!

Not just Friday, but for a lots of mums and dads it’s the start of the Easter holidays!

Before all the fun and deliciousness of Easter Sunday there’s two school-free weeks to get through and keep the kids entertained for; and one of the most popular activities for those not going away is a sleepover! Whether you’re the brave host, or already mentally pouring yourself a glass of wine and watching the tele in your kid free house, either way we recommend being prepared. Even if you’ve managed to avoid hosting this sleepover, if it goes well there’s pretty good odds that your own child could be coming home to beg for their very own slumber party!

We’re saving you a little bit of time, and stress, and we’ve rounded up a few ideas to help the sleepover be fun for both the kids and the adults!

The key to a successful sleepover – or any party really – is keeping the guests entertained. The busier the kids are the less time they have to get up to mischief, and if you needed an added bonus you’re more likely to tire them out by keeping them busy so they might actually sleep!

Having a couple of different ‘activity stations’ set up allows you to divide and conquer the kids you’ve got in your house. Smaller groups make everything so much easier and reduce the chances of anyone feeling left out. We think it’s a great idea if at least one of these activities is something that they can enjoy later on in the evening or take home with them the following morning. The options for this one are endless with things like decorate your own slipper socks or superhero mask to building their perfect ice cream sundae! Can even combine the two and have one table to decorate a cupcake/biscuit and another to make a box or bag to carry it home (or just to the next room!) in.

If you’re looking for something to get everybody involved and busy we cannot recommend enough a great scavenger hunt! It’s perfect if you’ve got to keep them entertained inside the house, but even better if you can send them running around outside too be that in the garden or for the very brave out on a walk. If you’re stuck for ideas check this one out:


For any groups of girls looking for something a little more chilled out we’ve seen this great looking game, which is tempting to play in the office if we are honest:


When you’re all finished with food, games and activities another important part of the sleepover is a movie. A great way to get the kids to wind down before – fingers crossed – falling asleep is a movie. So get them all in PJ’s with sleeping bags and blankets on the floor in front of the TV and let you 90 minutes to down time begin. We’ve got a great range of sleepover-friendly kid’s inflatable ready beds, cushions, blankets, bags, night lights and torches!


Let us know if you have any other great kids sleepover ideas, or if you gave these ones a go how they went for you!

Good luck & have a great weekend and Easter holiday!




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