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Hi all,

Hope you’ve had a great week; finally it’s FRI-YAY! So the question I have for you is – did you stick to your New Year’s resolution? We all know how everyone forgets about their resolutions after week one, because after all the endless bars of Dairymilk whilst watching Home Alone, helping yourself to a slice of cake at work and the rest of the Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations, everything becomes dull and not so fun. Most people, have a health kick to wash away all those calorific meals and snacks, others have goals like quitting smoking or self development and even wanting to use their smart phones less. The question is, can we really maintain these throughout the year?

Below we will list top 4 New Year’s resolutions and how you can maintain them:

  1. ‘Lose Weight’ – losing weight isn’t as easy as it seems, in fact it’s a struggle to even shed a pound, especially when it’s so cold and all you want is a cup of hot chocolate and a packet of chocolate digestives. Instead why not give it up for a healthy banana oatmeal cookie. The perfect snack to fulfil that sweet tooth craving! We’ve found the perfect recipe for you and it looks so easy and completely guilt free! You can always mix things up if you don’t like bananas, to blueberries or any fruit of your choice. Click here to view the recipe! For more healthy alternatives, why not have a look at Nutritionists Amanda Ursell’s sugar swaps, click here.


2. ‘Exercise’ – exercising on a daily basis is extremely important for our bodies and mind to stay active and healthy. However, working full time and maintaining daily house chores and being a parent means you struggle finding the time to go to the gym, or don’t want to spend money on joining one. To make things easier for you, why not start off with a 5-10 minute workout in the comfort of your own home, and gradually increase this in time. Don’t forget to walk as much as possible each day, instead of driving to the local store, why not walk, or instead of sitting down to watch Eastenders after dinner, why not go for an evening stroll. Click here to view a quick workout, why not try it now?


3. Put The Phone Away’ – a common problem in today’s society. I’m pretty sure we are all guilty of this one! What was once called ‘me time’ has now become an obsession of spending time on your smart phone, for longer than you realise. A quick browse on Instagram to see your friend’s latest posts, and you end up spending over an hour of browsing random videos. We get so lost in the world of social media, that we forget to live in the moment.

The process of finding out information on the internet has become so easy and quick; we don’t even need to watch the news anymore. You’re having a meal with your friends and family, but the first thing you do is take out your phone to take a picture for Snapchat or Instagram. In fact at most social gatherings, we make sure the first thing we have on us is our mobile phones. Although this may prove to be difficult, why not challenge yourselves at dinner with this fun game. At the dinner table, gather all phones and put them to a side, so that no one can use their phones and actually socialise! The first person to take their phone back has to pay for dinner. Good idea right?


4. ‘Quit Smoking’ – this is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Smoking is an addictive habit, especially for those who have been smoking for numerous years, or for those who live with smokers. It is, however, possible to save your lungs from failing and quit smoking for good. You just really have to put your mind to it. According to the NHS, changing your diet is one of the first steps to help you quit smoking, as there are certain foods that make cigarettes more satisfying. More facts stated below to prove just how quitting smoking can improve your quality of life. Click here for more information and advice.


Thank you for reading and good luck on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!





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